What does Ningi look like?

Right now, we are focused on building awesome tech and working closely with our clients. Our sales and marketing is not up and running yet, we have plans to work on this, but we prefer to direct our energy at the software.

Videos and a full demo site is on its way, sign-up for notifications to hear more.

For now, check this out


  • Run and manage your website in one place.
  • Have leads, contact requests and analytics all flow right into your back office.
  • Run multiple websites/brands, test and launch trading styles quickly.

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Engagement; tools, calculators and seminars

  • Launch one of the many Ningi tools and calculators.
  • Run live seminars, with Q&A, voting and polling.
  • Deliver on-demand content, previous seminars and presentations.

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Client portal

  • Digital client onboarding; fact finding, AML, document signature, document sharing, messaging.
  • Client actions and to-do lists.
  • Full journeys for things like mortgages, protection and simple pensions and investing.

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Adviser CRM

  • Single adviser tech platform to automate work & track clients.
  • View timeline of all client interactions across platforms.
  • Timeline for your whole business, tracking what is going on in the company.
  • Key MI and stats All work is defined in mostly-automated workflows.

A mockup of a laptop displaying the ningi crm

Client experience

  • Full digital financial plan for all clients, tracking their financial details and progress against their plan.
  • Individual plan opportunities served up to nudge them into more advice.

A mockup of a laptop the ningi dashboard with the advisor talking to a client

Hybrid advice

  • The CRM will make recommendations for clients and the adviser can quickly confirm the right outcome.
  • A quick in app call with the client / adviser, present the advice and deal with any further questions from the client.
  • The adviser is presented with key details about the client displayed.

A mockup of a laptop displaying some pricing information