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Technology advisers deserve, finally.

Ningi is the single, integrated tech platform to 10x your business.

Our tech helps advisers work more efficiently and provide a more engaging experience to their clients. We bring everything into a single low cost tech platform, removing the integration headache from adviser's plates.

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Everything in one integrated platform

Ningi has everything you'd expect from a fintech platform, we're adding new features every day & work closely with our clients to decide what exciting capabilities to add next.

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Website Builder

Manage your main website, or proposition focused subsites, together with news, blogs, seminars, tools and calculators.

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Client Relationship Builder

CRM for modern business, includes task management, administration, file storage, client portal & website admin + lots more.

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Secure Client Portal

Give your clients access to a secure shared space for messaging, document signing & sharing, digital fact finding and more.

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Automated Workflow

Hybrid and full Robo advice capability, which can be fully adopted, or used in part just to automate elements of the advice process.

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MI & Reporting

Pre-built dashboards and access to all data captured in the system for custom reporting allows data first business management.

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So Much More...

We release new features to Ningi most days, you can keep track & have your say directly with the team via our platform portal.

A word from our founder

Peter Ridlington FPFS

CEO & Chartered Financial Planner

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Tech should be low cost, rapid to implement & fun to work on. Innovation isn't going to come via a massive company throwing millions at a 5 year “digital transformation project”… it's going to be a small team moving quickly that will disrupt our industry.

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We believe in two things

From its core, Ningi has been built - both as a business, and as a technology platform - to be the innovation engine needed to deliver on that dream we all hold in our heads for how amazing financial advice could be.‎

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Smaller Firms Will be the Disrupters

Fast paced, nimble and ambitious, being close to their clients & quick to make decisions. This is the profile of an innovative company and the kind of team Ningi wants to be working with.

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Low Cost + Speed = Innovation

Technology should not cost $m; the whole point is to use technology to bring costs down. Combine this with a rapid pace, and you are able to take risk, try things out – learn what works & keep iterating until you win.

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Ningi has been live and kicking for over 1 year, but we're not finished yet.‎

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